We are happy to welcome a nice group of partners for our partner program. During the FCSI EAME Conference #TACT22 we have organized a day filled with great activities. On this page you will find all information about the program.

Will you join us during the Partnerprogram?

The city of Senlis

Not far from the Chantilly forest, you can discover Senlis, a medieval town in Oise with a remarkable architectural and cultural heritage! An ideal place for a leisurely stroll. The old town reveals cobbled streets lined with mansions from the 17th and 18th centuries along with some beautiful houses and a beautiful Cathedral.

The tour will go through the park and the remains of the royal castle, the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Gallo-Roman wall, the cobbled streets. After the tour, you will get some shopping time. Because besides historical sights, Senlis also has shopping opportunities.

Le Vertugadin

In the center of Chantilly, you will find the lovely restaurant Le Vertugadin.

Michaël and Emilie (the owners) welcome you to Vertugadin, a neo-inn with bourgeois and virtuous cuisine! You can eat the traditional dishes, and of course the wonderful whipped cream. If the weather is great, it is also possible to eat in the garden.

Located near the Great Stables, the Castle and the Potager des Princes, perfect for sharing a delicious meal and then continuing to explore the city! 

The Grand Stables

An architectural masterpiece of the 18th century, the Grand Stables were built by the architect Jean Aubert for Louis-Henri de Bourbon, 7th prince of Condé. This veritable palace for horses, built from 1719 to 1735, recently celebrated its three hundredth birthday! The Grand Stables are home to the Museum of the Horse, which presents the relationship between humans and horses since the beginning of civilisation.

During the visit of the Grand Stables, we will get a guided tour. During this tour we will visit the stables, the museum and get to know everything about the relationship between humans.

Please note that this page is still 'under construction', information will be added during the next few weeks.